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Welcome to Integral Wisdom Press, the publishing house of the Center for Integral Wisdom,
an activist think tank committed to articulating, evolving and delivering a new, integral narrative for living.

Unique Self

Who am I? Am I willing to play a larger game? Dive into the two most important questions of life with our Unique Self publications.

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Love & Relationships

Eros and outrageous love - not just ordinary love: discover them for yourself in our works on love and relationships.

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World Spirituality

Explore our publications on the unified form of spirituality present in science, spirituality, and religions across the world.

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Discover the "theory of everything" and the supermap that shapes all of our lives.

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Published Works

Self Publishing Packages

Your journey begins here with one of our versatile and affordable self-publishing packages. Find the Self-Publishing Package that fits your needs here.

Author Spotlight

Meet Dr. Marc Gafni: visionary thinker, social activist, passionate philosopher and author of ten books, including the award-winning Your Unique Self.

Coming Soon

Forthcoming books include Beyond Venus and Mars and Integral Wisdom Essays.